I wonder...

why each little bird has a someone

to sing to, sweet things to

a gay little lark melody

I wonder, I wonder
if my heart keeps singing
will my song go ringing

to someone who'll find me
and bring back a love song to me

Another lonely day dreaming of prettier things... spending hours filling my Never Book with serious and silly things, lovely and not-so-lovely thoughts. I ought to have been more productive, as I only have three weeks of school left to finish many important projects and papers, but I hadn't the heart to even try. Have been sick the past few days and thanks to my heartless suite mates, have been completely quarantined and unwelcome to do anything fun for three days. I'd like to say that it's because they want me to get well, and I'm sure that is part of it, but I also know they simply are thinking of themselves and the fact that they don't want me around when I'm 'infected'. 

It would break my heart to send away someone who is sick and in need of love and care. I guess, however, not everyone is like me.

It's alright, the Four Beareteers and Briony Bunny are all that I need for comfort. And soon it will be summer, which means reading and writing and being outside to my heart's content.
I will think of that.

So, until then, I'll just keep singing, until my song goes ringing, to someone who'll find me... and bring back a love song to me


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