Oh Golly by Golly, I guess they like me.

Dear ones, I am in a complete twitter.

For one, I am flying south to visit my Nana in two days.
I will be gone two weeks
and needless to say, I'm frightened of flying,
and spending so much time with one I know so little.

For two, my birthday is in less than five days. 
I am turning twenty years old, which feels very old indeed.
(I'm old now, Peter, ever so much more than twenty)
and my poor birthday will be celebrated far from home for the first time ever,
with people I've never spent it with before. 
Needless to say, I'm worried about my special day.

And for three, I have received another blog award! Two in two weeks is definitely a record for me. And such a darling one it is, completely goes with my love affair of cute teacups 

Given from the one and only Jemima over at ~*~and then byron turned into a teacup~*~. A sweet girl with a true sense of wonder, she is a joy to read and I encourage you do so, often.

I pass this along to D.E. Watson at Words Like Silent Raindrops Fell because she is a dear. If you're looking for some good old humor and simple observations about this crazy life we live, go check her out. She's a newbie, for she just started getting serious, so go support her!

And then also to sweet friend Pixie July at the delightful Sparkles and Crumbs.
I can't say enough about this blog that gives me such hope and inspiration, or about its author, who always leaves such lovely comments for me here. Wonder and magic surround the world of Sparkles and Crumbs and I check my blog list often to see what delight Pixie stirs up next. 
I offer this blog award to her with the humblest of hearts, from one fairy-tale-loving girl to another. xoxo

May the summer breeze blow your way and send the rain away for another day.


  1. i must agree. pixie july is an absolute delight.

    i just turned twenty a mere week ago. thus far, i just feel like a more graceful child to be honest.

    it's strange but nice.

    i hope you don't mind me stopping by!

    chelsea jade.

  2. Oh, my dearest, thank you so so much for this gorgeous award and most of all for your lovely words. Honestly, for various reasons I have been having some truly 'grey days' post-birthday and you cannot imagine how much reading this lifted my spirits. I often find it hard to believe that people actually read my ramblings and hodgepodges of findings and find the magic that I do in them, and it means particularly a lot from you, whose blog is just magical - really and truly, visiting to read a new post feels like opening to a new page in the huge gold-leaf-edged fairy tale treasury I got my camerado last Christmas! I really hope this trip works out well for you and that you have the divine birthday you deserve, whatever the circumstances. Let us know how it goes! Rooting for you. xxx