Is it silly that I've fallen in love again?

This time with a tall, dark and hansome British bloke who barely knows that I exist,

At least that's what I think,
but I've also seen the way he watches me when he thinks I'm not looking...
or maybe it's when he knows I'm looking.

How embarressing.

But I've been watching him all along since freshman year,
And for some reason, now seems like the time.
A basketball player? A jock boy?

Not ever.


But then again, maybe this once.

How do you talk to a boy you don't know, when he is 'cool'
and you are 'not'?

Would it be to childish to pass him a note?

Do you think he'd understand?

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  1. Oh, "often deceived, yet open once again your heart!" As you know, I fall in love quite frequently, so it's always worth the gamble. Especially if he is tall, dark and handsome. I have to say - I really thought you were English also! Maybe it's the dreamy, Peter Pan-esque, tea party-ness of your blog... ^^