I'm looking for a journal.

A pretty journal with a collage on the cover.

Some kind of travel collage, with pictures, postcards, letters from far away places.

Something to do with Paris preferably,

but any pretty design that relates to someplace other then here will do.

I wish it to have pretty lined pages and a spiral binding.

A ribbon for a bookmark and standard size, not too big, not too small.

Not too thick either. One hundred and sixty is a nice a nice number of pages.

Or thereabouts.

A pretty journal that will inspire writings and writings of summer adventures.

I've been searching and searching, but I can't find one.

Help me, my dear friends? I'm beginning to lose hope.

I know I owe you a story. I've been thinking of you all and concocting loveliness.
Only two more weeks of finals, loves, and then I will return.
I promise. I promise.

xoxo thestoryteller

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  1. Hooray! Can't wait for your glorious return! :) In the meantime, hope you find your journal. It's so hard to find an ideal one... I have to say I spent months looking for a perfect, plain, leather-bound journal but I found one eventually in a Christmas market - so don't give up hope! Can't wait for more tales from you - and thanks for your lovely birthday messages :) xx