Here is my newest thought...

... perhaps Neverland isn't make-believe at all.

"The wood was dark and the moss wet beneath her feet when she exited the cave she had taken shelter in. The rain had fallen in the thick drops of unrequited love's tears. Her hair draped her face in soak dreads, her lilac dress clung to her body from the damp air. She looked and saw a crystal night, clearer then the day had been, stars flooding the skies and the trees... the trees had diamonds hanging from them, raindrops reflecting of the moonlight. The world sparkled and it brought her to her knees, leaning against the tree that had been her shelter during the storm. She hugged her knees to her and watched the sky, being in awe of her surroundings.
But only for a moment would her troubled heart take peace in the beautiful sight.
Her breath was heavy in the thick air and her legs felt weak from the toil of her journey. Would she ever reach the end? Would she find what she was sent to find? Would he be waiting when she got there?
Would a twist of fate lead her to the Mountain of Destiny before it was too late?..."

It's just like Mary Barrie said in Finding Neverland...

Mary Barrie : I imagined that brilliant people disappeared to some secret place where good ideas floated around like leaves in autumn, and I hoped at least once you would take me there with you.
JM Barrie: There is no such place.
Mary Barrie : Yes there is: Neverland.

Come, come away to Neverland - for I will take you there, far more then once.

xoxo the storyteller

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