My diary are the pages I fill the most.
My coloring book is a close second.
My datebook is becoming my life, my coloring book, and my diary,
So I always have all three.
I'm toying with the idea of writing a book,
but I am brave enough?
So maybe that notebook will fill next.
Would Alaska bring the adventure I seek?
I could go tomorrow and then fly to Paris the day after.
Would Alaska be giving up,
or simply picking a brand new adventure?
I miss letters, I owe ever so many.
But what would I write to you?
I worry that my fears would be too much for you.
I can be quite scary sometimes.
Perhaps one day, the sadness will go away completely.
I will write you, for sure, then.

xoxo the storyteller


  1. I hope you do write a book, dear Storyteller, and do all the things you plan. You're only young once, and besides that you have so much talent. xx

  2. Please write a book - I love your musings. Melancholy but beautiful. Thank you for posting them :) xx

  3. Do write that book--you have nothing to lose. (And, do go to Alaska. It's so beautiful.)

  4. I don't think sadness ever completely disappears, sorry to say. You are so wonderful and beautiful, even despite all your fears and doubts, you shine. You absolutely must fill a notebook with a novel and other lovely dreams. I think you do not realise what an utterly brave soul you are. x