Sunny days and starry nights and lazy afternoons...

You're catching castles in the clouds
and humming little tunes.
But then right before your eyes, the summer fades away.
And everything is different.
And everything has changed.
~Kenny Loggins

Farewell summer wind, you've blown your last.
Farewell bathtub pond, for your water will soon be cold
Farewell ladybugs, snug away somewhere warm.
Farewell birdies, fly south straight and true.

Farewell Mother, I'll do my best.
Farewell Father, don't forget to rest.
Farewell Brother Bear, write me everyday.
Farewell Bubba Bear, miss me while I'm away.

Hello pencils and notebooks, soon to be filled.
Hello late nights, old books, and microwaved meals.
Hello opinions to be revealed.
Hello to those whose fate is sealed.
Hello world, I'm here, for real.

Hello datebook and list pad.
Hello fair, beautiful lad.
Hello to the charging fee.
But Hello most of all, to me,
and who I'm soon to be.

xoxo thestoryteller


  1. lovely! :)the last two lines especially


  2. This poem is absolutely darling. There is a feeling of nostalgia and warm melancholy in the words and the rhythm. I agree with Sara; the final two lines are perfect. x