L - O - V - E

Could it be?
Is it he?

Do I dare?
Handle with care.

Snuggles with Winsome Bear
While I sort it all out.

I read now, more then ever before.
I don't need any of the rest.
I write only with pencil and paper now,
forgive the lapse in stories here.

I could never forget you.
Not a single one of you.

But life is too real
and takes every so much of my time,
so forgive me while I'm exploring,
and creating,
and wishing,
and praying,
and hoping,


We'll see.
Mayhap there is hope for me.

One more thing, I must share with you.

How To Live Magically

let your hair grow long and unruly
wear flower crowns
tie ribbons on your wrists
wear bells on your ankles
wear a key to your heart around your neck
lie in fields of wildflowers
climb trees and read books in them
handwrite letters to friends
go looking for fairies and build fairy houses
make friends with trees-tell them your secrets
drink lots and lots of tea
light candles at night
gaze out open windows
listen to dreamy music and dance around
go dancing in the rain
run into lakes wearing pretty dresses
plant a garden of vegetable and wildflowers
have a picnic on the countryside
learn to play an instrument (piano,ukulele,banjo,guitar)
wear vintage nightgowns as dresses
string fairy lights in your room
make someone a batch of cookies
make a teepee
collect seashells
have tea parties
dress up victorian style
frame vintage photos
press wildflowers
spend days in libraries
don't be afraid of who you are

Created By Sara at we are dreamers

She's lovely, please go visit her.
I've made it my new To-Do list.
I hope you do too.

xoxo my loves,
The Storyteller

P.S. Nearly a chapter in - a book is being written!

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  1. I'm so glad for you, Storyteller! I hope he is like Peter, and then I hope he is not like Peter, but above all I hope he is the One. :) Whimsical list by sweet Sarah, must try them all.