If I told you my name, would it ruin everything?...
Or would it set me free?

Secrecy was fun,
but I want to be myself again.

What is in a name?
A rose will still smell sweet.

A daisy will always cause a smile,
the moon inspire a dream.

What if I told you?
What would you say?

Would I finally feel freedom...
If I finally let you have my heart?



  1. Darling, having a name is so important. It makes you real. To be anonymous is to be nothing more than a shadow, half-seen out of the corner of the eye. If you are not comfortable sharing your real name, just use a different name instead. But most definitely have a name. That is my opinion, although you must always do whatever feels right in your bird-heart. (Personally, I would love to have a name to call you by. I never call you Storyteller because it feels slightly awkward.) x

  2. I agree with Thea, although I am most certainly a hypocrite. ;) I want to be a ghost, a shadow, a Wendy Bird, a whisper on the wind, an apparition, something not quite real. You are so much more than I am, in every way, and deserve to be called something Special, like a name.

    "My name is Diana,
    and I am a storyteller.
    My stories are for you."

    There's the spirit! :)

  3. Hm...I don't think it matters very much. Either way, dear, you are you. Your name is lovely though. And nearly as mysterious as Storyteller. (From the mythology...)

  4. Wow, this is so pretty. I think it's so important to just be honest and be yourself.

  5. Take a name, find yourself, dear. You may find it causes you to feel closer to those on here. You are certainly as talented as any of them! x