Sunshine and bycycles

With a new job, it seemed only appropriate to have a new attitude,
to add some more adventure to my spirit 
and to start using a new method of transportation.

There is nothing like riding through the village before anyone is awake.

Once upon a time, I always said a dream job to have while I was writing my book
would be either a quiet coffee shop or a tucked away bookstore.
Can you believe I got my quiet coffee shop? Cinderella knew.
Dreams do come true.

I even got a Wonderland of a garden, all mine to tend and love,
on days when being inside is just unfathomable. 
The Mad Hatter popped out of a geranium one day and asked me to tea.
Alice was there and the White Rabbit.

Can you imagine the magic? The thrill of a forest of greens?
The smell of fresh coffee every morning?
The smile I get to wear every day?

It's divine. 
I hope life is being as lovely to all of you. xo


  1. This makes me smile. You are wonderful, Diana. Your dreams, they are all beautiful.

  2. Oh my goodness, this is so unbearably wonderful! I am very happy that your dreams have been so realized, Diana. xx