Feeling Haunted...

I never believed in ghosts. Until I saw one of myself.
But there I was, barely 11 years old, running around the other day.
There was my 14 year old self too, crying in a corner over something mean someone said.
There was my 16 year old self, trying to stand tall while the boy I loved fell for another girl.
And there I was, 18, tall, proud and marching out with banners high, ready to take on the world.
A theater is a perfect place for ghosts,
I just never thought they would be ones of myself.

You never really realize how much of yourself you leave behind,
until you realize how much you've learned to live without.


  1. Oh, this is really excellent, Diana. The last sentence is so profound. This is one of my favourite interpretations of ghosts I've ever read. Over the years, I've run into a few ghosts of my past selves. It's heartening, but sometimes saddening.

  2. So true. So perfect.

    . . .

    I hope you're well, Diana.