I need some inspiration.

Have you seen any, floating around anywhere?

The rain has finally come,
and I am grateful, for the earth is dry.
But for me all it is doing,
is strengthing this unquenchable urge I have,
to remain in bed.

Let me know about that inspiration - send it my way. xo


  1. Through the lyrics of a beautiful song.
    Through the panoramic sunsets on Pinterest.
    Through the words of a beautifully written Blog.

    That is what inspires me.

    And your words have inspired me many times ;)

  2. Oh my, I love love LOVE Moon River! My favourite song of all time, I think. And I know the feeling you capture in this post. Have you heard Ben Harper's song "She's Only Happy In The Sun"? Sums us up, I think! :) xxx