I seem to have misplaced my secret box,
because today I realized I hadn't seen it in a while. 
I know I left some pixie dust in there,
and my fairy tale book.
Some wishing stars, and elvish wind chimes, 
and a locket with my true love's picture in it, 
so that I'll know him when he comes.
Peter put his thimble there for me, so I wouldn't forget it,
and I know that is where Starlight left my rainbow ring. 
I'm wishing to perhaps find my singing voice in there too, 
I think that is where it hides when winter comes.
And I'm hoping that Andy put my magic pen in there,
because if she didn't before she left, I don't know where it is.
I wonder where I left it. If you see it, you'll tell me, wont' you?

Childhood really wasn't all that long ago, so  I wonder
why it can so easily be forgotten. 

I don't want to forget anymore. I want to remember how to fly.
Just because Wendy couldn't, doesn't mean it isn't possible.

I wish I had a friend to whisper secrets and dreams with at night when it's late and I cannot sleep. The bears keep my secrets, and I love them for it.
Especially Teddy, because he holds the most.
But I do wish I had a friend who would build a kingdom with me,
and who I could tell my stories to. 

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