Finding Neverland

Mother Darling would always lit the night-lights for Wendy, John and Michael,
so that they wouldn't be afraid when Neverland came to close.
She said they were the eyes a mother leaves behind to guard her children,
and secretly I think she left it to warn a certain someone away...

which of course never worked.

When the lights go out and the world is dark, Neverland comes so
close that it feels almost just outside my bedroom window, calling
ever so softly for me. But I am to frightened to answer, so I pretend 
that I can't hear it and wait for sunlight to carry it away.

Too many thoughts, too many stories. I cannot write fast enough to
get them all down, and I am to afraid to try. What could they all mean?
What will happen if I give them life, create air for them to breath? 
Will they bring grace and goodness to this world? I'd hate to bring
something evil about, so that is why I cannot write, no matter how much
Neverland calls to me. After all, Captain Hook came from there and look
at all the damage he could do. What if my story has no Peter to save the day?
What a dreadful day that would be.

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