Someday, I wish to live here.
Or at least someplace close to here.
I've spent a year and a half at school pretending to like this world.
But now I want to go back to my own.
I think that's why I like to write here, because here I can express
the things I think about during the day, that have nothing to do with reality,
and everything to do with Neverland.

Valentine's Love is in the air, and though I have spent many years
turning my head away in disgust, I have found myself partaking in 
events that the school has been putting on. Tonight, the lovely ladies
from next door and I trekked to the coffee house to make cards to send.
They each made one... I got excited, and made five. Four for fairy friends
and one to send home to family. I hope they like them, I loved making them.

Last night, there was a Build-a-Bear event that I went to with fairies and elves.
You got to chose whether to make a bear or a moose. I made a bear, because I love them so. Mine came out just perfect, and I'm already head-over-heels about him. His name is Lysander, after the dashing hero in A Midsummer Night's Dream, because Shakespeare and I are old friends. When I brought him dorm-home, Winsome, Teddy and Panda could barely contain their delight. I think they all are going to be great friends. I will post a picture of them together soon.

Is there anyone who could tell me how to post pictures with words in-between them in a post? I keep trying, but they all just line up at the top and won't let me type between them. I'd appreciate it, friends.

Sweet dreams and joyous laughter to you.

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