Oh pleasant surprises and happy endings!

Yesterday was dreadful, I've caught an infection and had to spend the day on the phone with Mama and the Doctor trying to figure out a way to get medicine to me. It was successful, but a long, upsetting sort of day.

TODAY however, has been better and better. For one thing, I feel better, which always improves everything. For another, it's Friday, so I only had to work for a  few hours before I was free for the weekend. I've spent the afternoon 'nesting' - cleaning my room, doing laundry, making the bed, working on my 'redecoration of dorm room' project, and various other pleasant, relaxing things. 

In the middle of laundry, I got a message from Mama asking me where I was and if in the dorm, to come downstairs. Never mind that I was in lazy clothes and it was cold, I didn't even hesitate to grab my coat. My family was here!
They were on their way south for the weekend and stopped by to drop off some Valentine's surprises for me; cards, chocolates, fun little things and lovely new clothes.
The best part of all was the hugs, I've miss them all so. Daddy laughed when I hugged him, saying it had only been a week since he'd seen me, but I said it didn't matter, I'd missed him anyway. 

Fourth wonderful part of the day was the phone call from My Bestest Best, saying that she would be by tomorrow afternoon to pick me up and take me to her home to celebrate Valentine's Day so I wouldn't have to be alone. It's one of the reason's she's my Bestest Best.

Tonight there will be bear snuggles and chocolate eatings and creative flows. Mayhap the moon will come out and I'll go to the river to meet a unicorn.


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