I counted my chickens before they hatched, even though I was reminded not to.

Now all I have is some empty and broken eggshells.

I'm done with chickens

and frogs

and trolls

and elves, except for the lovely best friend ones.

Because you know what? They aren't princes. 
They are simply chickens, frogs, trolls, and elves.
Because Princes exist only in my books,
and so only in my books will I look for them anymore.

I don't need anything else but my books, my stories.

My black unicorn is the only Prince I need in my life. He is more than enough,
and he wont get bored of me or leave me hanging.
Because unicorns know what love is
and how to give it, fully and completely.

Chickens, frogs, trolls, and elves haven't the faintest clue. 
So I bid them farewell,
and walk off into the sunset.
The sunset won't break my heart either.

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  1. Chickens, frogs and elves... a very poetic way of summarising my opinions of the unfairer sex of late! This post really struck a chord in my heart - beautiful and sad. Thank you. x