what to write? what to write?

I have pretty thoughts I wish to pen,
but I have ugly ones too.
Words come alive when they are set to paper,
and who wants to bring more ugly things into the world?
I wish I had a magic book with a key, that I could put all of my 
ugly thoughts in so that they stop weighing me down.
I'd hide them better than Pandora ever hid her box, so that
no one could find them. And then when I'd forgotten them, 
they would disappear.

There are enough ugly thoughts in this world, I don't wish to add to them.
But sometimes life gets heavy and the ugly ones take over, making the pretty thoughts hide away in their flower houses from the rain. 

I found another him, one whose been here before. One night he told me secrets and made me pinky-promise not to tell. I only told him two, not-so-secret secrets, because I know not if he be elf or troll. I hope he be elf, for it would awful to find out that a troll now lives in my head when I'm awake and weighs on my heart when I sleep.

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  1. The puffin-cat... I have cats but not one is a puffin.

    P.S I hope it is an elf as well or we may need to unleash the giants.