Home again, Home again, 
Soon we will be home again,
All will be well.

Home is such a delicious place to be, curled up close to the fire with my Daddy and Brother Bear talking about serious things, like nuclear waste and the moon. The rattling from the kitchen is Mama, putting away groceries and cleaning, never mind how late it is. Little Bear has gone to bed with puppy. I miss how he use to beg for a story to sleep to. 

I hate how little boys grow up. Little boys should never grow up.

A whole week I get to have adventures, sleep in my own little bed, and write as much as I like with little interruptions. 

What joyous prospects!

Home again, Home again,
Over waters, across the land
to where my Father stands
Soon we will be home again,
All will be well

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  1. This is such a gorgeously poetic blog - a little bit melancholy and wistful too, which I simply adore. This post has made me long for home, and the one before - especially the bit about ugly thoughts - touched my heart very much. I would love my own black unicorn and puffin-cat, too - I only have two Beareteers, however - but 3 silk-edged blankets known as the 'Bla-Blas'! xxx