You lovely dears, thank you for all your sweet, darling comments. I have enjoyed reading them and do intend to reply forthwith. Do you know that lovely feeling that comes when you find people who think the same way you do, and don't make fun of you for being your original self?That's how you all have made me feel.
Thank you. Thank you.

Today I saw my black unicorn for the first time in a month. I see him every night in my dreams, but today I saw him in real life. He was snuggly from the sun, but wouldn't snuggle with me. It hurts him when I'm away, so when I'm home he holds himself off so as to not be upset when I go again. Though he'll be upset no matter what, he puts on brave face for me,  because he knows it hurts me too. Tuesday is his day, he gets me all to himself.

My puffin-cat is wild with energy and a delight for life that one finds so rarely these days. As I write this, she is chasing herself around the house, leaping from one piece of furniture to another, having a rollicking good time. It's quite funny to watch and she's brought many a smile to my face since I've been home.

Such adventures I've had! So many that I have yet to have much rest, but it's coming soon, I know, so I will relish it when it arrives. Tomorrow is another adventure all together, of which I've been instructed by Little Bear that I must be up by eight-thirty because we must leave by ten. Which, he said quite assuredly before taking Puppy to bed, means I simply must be in bed by eleven or I'll never be up. Which simply will not do.

He is so funny and bossy when he takes charge that I find I get annoyed more than I enjoy it, but he was so obnoxious tonight I couldn't help but giggle at him and be just as obnoxious back. 

I got it Bubba, I must be up by nine-thirty to make it by eleven.
Oh, so it's ten thirty to make it by noon?
Oh right, I must be up by noon so we'll make it by one-thirty, right Bubba?


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