That sky
is that beautiful old parchment
in which the sun
and the moon
keep their diary. 
To read it all, 
one must be a linguist
more learned than Father Wisdom
and a visionary
more clairvoyant than Mother Dream.
But to feel it,
one must be an apostle :
one who is more than intimate
in having been, always,
the only confidant ---
like the earth
or the sea
~ Alfred Kreymborg

hello dearies.
I have returned with tales to tell.
Of warm sunny days, fearsome thunderstorms,
and a world that moves a tempo slower 
than the place I call home. 

I rode a wild horse that turned out to be not that wild at all,
just in need of a friend who would let him be free.
I learned a great many things about my past that no one had ever told me before, and got to know a crazy old lady called Nana, who had before only ever been a name to me.
Now she is a person -- a person I love very dearly.

I learned how to make dinner without being in a fright while doing it,
and that perhaps pink isn't as terrible a color as I've always thought.
Especially when it is the color of the frosting on top a perfect white cake.

I met people who are willing to be your friends just because you weren't afraid to stop
and say hello.
I managed a five-acre farm with little help, and wasn't afraid of messing it all up, because I was never told once that I couldn't do it.
And have never been so tired in my entire life.

I turned 20 years old in a very spoiled style, with Mexican food and chocolate ice cream cake. I was given my very first pair of cowboy boots,  an afternoon picking out books in a beautiful Barnes & Noble, and an evening at the theatre enjoying a rollicking good comedy.

So I suppose there was nothing to worry about.... silly old me. 

Home is the place you grow up wanting to leave, and grow old wanting to get back to
~ John Ed Pierce

Home is lovely and sweet and homelike as usual, summer has filled the air of my little hometown, bringing with it many promises of adventure. I've spent the last week since my return filling pages upon pages of stories and dreams - all the while hoping and prayer that an adventure comes my way soon... perhaps with a summer romance attached?

The best reason for having dreams is that in dreams, no reasons are necessary.
~Ashleigh Brilliant

I've missed you all dearly, my darlings. Is everyone free for a Sunday afternoon tea?


  1. I would love to join you for Sunday afternoon tea but it's Daddy's Day tomorrow.
    Oh hey, about our little trip...Wednesday good for you? :]

  2. May I follow you? I found your beautiful blog and the thanks must go to the tea drinking english rose - What a delightful blog and what a darling puffin-cat you have <3

  3. Hello Storyteller - I've tagged you because I've newly discovered you and I love your blog. There's no need to link my blog (as the rules suggest) just share the joy I received this morning by being tagged <3

  4. Hello again Storyteller, thank you so very much for very kind words and for following me. I look forward to more stories soon! <3 xx

  5. The StoryTeller

    Hello pet,

    Thank you for your lovely lovely comments. I am sorry about the lack of visiting to your blog  but as you know, my visits to the land of the Internet are sporadic because I’m home now and access has been dramatically cut down because my family are still living in the Dark Ages. I shall be reading every blog entry though that I have missed, which includes your writing.
    What you said about my King Arthur post was very lovely: ‘No, I don't think so... it is more believable to me that because of these skies King Arthur lived and breathed.’
    Thank you for such lovely words. They make one wish harder for Arthur to return.
    Yes you may and come and help me wade through my sea of books. But we may need a raft and some oars to get through the sea of words.
    I have that comment moderation thing on my comments so I can keep track of my comments and reply to them all.
    I forgot to say that you are a fellow Anne (of Green Gables) personage. Have you read the other L.M. Montgomery’s books about Anne and her family?


  6. Your words are absolutely inspiring. Ive been lacking it as of late and reading your post really sparked my imagination. Ill be following you from now on. :-)



  7. Oh, summer romance - yes please! I'm so glad you're writing here again, and that things turned out so much better than you had hoped/worried. A very merry 20th to you, my cookie! And thank you for those gorgeous quotes. xx

  8. your blog is so beautiful <3