A new story? A new one, you say?

Well, I suppose I can drum up something.
After all, a storyteller always has her bag of tricks handy.

Rain Rain go away....
Storyteller wants to play...

Goodness gracious, my darlings! It rained for weeks and weeks and weeks, to the point that many considered that an ark would be necessary or at least a move to higher ground. In all that time there was simply nothing to do but sit by the window and watch the world get wet.
Forty days straight of rain and there was never a Noah in sight. Puddle boots were the only shoes that could be considered and even Paddington Bear's umbrella wasn't big enough for keeping one dry.

Though he tried very hard one day, so that I could enjoy our walk and not be cold.

He is always such a gentlebear in that respect.

Thankfully the Sun came out three days ago and is still going strong, beautiful and warm she is. I don't think anyone truly appreciates the sun, except for when she stays away long. Perhaps she was feeling under appreciated and that's why the rain wouldn't leave.
The cranky weatherman keeps warning that more will come, but I've chosen to forget that he exists and erase him from my story. I wrote his part in pencil anyway.

My summer is flying by far to quick, I'm afraid, and I find myself grasping at it, begging it to stay put or at least move a few hundred paces slower. The end means school and homesickness, far to much worry and having to be a grown up again. I'd rather it would just stay summer forever, if you please. 

Wouldn't a world this lovely be truly grand? I wish I could make what I write into reality. Think of how fun that would be!

Shhh...Do you hear that? That voice upon the wind? Someone is calling me from outside. A voice I know well, so I am afraid my story will have to continue another day, because who am I to refuse the call of my own imagination? 

"Do you see that hole in the sky over there?" the skydragon asked.
"Yes," replied The Storyteller.
"That's where we're headed."

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  1. Oh, you are back! Hoorah! Last picture is beautiful - I want to head to that hole in the sky too! <3