You Are Invited

Hello dearies!
Goodness me, I have been gone quite a time, haven't I?
I hope you don't mind that I've made a day for you
so that you won't feel as though I've forgotten you,
my lovely story-hearers. Because I haven't, not even a little!

I have a splendid tea all set in the garden, just with you in mind.

And then I thought, once we'd spent the afternoon chatting away, and taking walks in the nearby wood, you'd all like to retire for some coffee and hot chocolate, in front of the cosy fire, where I could regale you with some tales from my wild adventures of traveling the world around my imagination.

What tales I will share! And of course, I long to hear yours as well!

You are welcome anytime after three, and of course a light meal of sweets will be served with tea. Before you come, do make sure you stop by Sophie's little library of adventure, as she has a little giveaway that she'd love you to join in on. Make sure you read through her pages carefully - she's always full of lovely surprises!

I await your arrival eagerly, my sweets. Do drop a note if you intend to come.

hugs, kisses and sweet dream wishes,
The Storyteller

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  1. Oh my, how I love your blog!! This post is so delicious and reminds me of the amazing Lush spa I got a sneak peek at this afternoon - it was decorated like a little English countryside cottage! And did I see a Before Sunrise picture in your last post?? Possibly my 2 favourite movies of all time... xx