Hardship brings happiness, so they say...

... but will my hardship leave my heart in such a state
to be incapable of happiness?

Bitter, bitter, so very bitter,
broken, heartless, and hopeless,
are those around me.
They walk on in their lives
oblivious that there could be more.
If they perhaps stopped to say hello
and be friends.
Rather then walk all over my poor little heart,
and pillage whatever they find there.

Where is the strength of the Warrior?

Where is the patience of the Lady?

Where is the faith of a Child?

These three, come to me
Fastest on wind's solid ride
So that I may not fall prey
To those who Evil gives its day
~The Storyteller

A hard first week in the fearsome land of College... wish I could run away home and forget anything ever happened. I must find the strength to be brave in the face of all that would bring me down.

Far easier said than done.


  1. hello my dear,

    i have left you a blog award/tag on my blog :)


    p.s it will be okay. it's hard at the beginning but before you know it, you'll slip into a routine at college :)

  2. Oh, my lovely! I remember going to sixth form college for two years, completely surrounded by the most truly, truly horrible people I have ever met. They had not a redeeming quality between them, and I remember the place fondly as The Gaol. It was very, very easy to despair! But I know you have the courage, the faith and of course the imagination to overcome it too. xx

  3. Where IS the strength of the warrior?

    I need the faith of a child.

    I miss you. We need to hang out.