I've figured out why I am discontented

I was born in completely the wrong era.

I belong here:

If only I were a mechanical genius and could build a time machine.
I guess my own stories will have to suffice.

I'm writing a play. Did I tell you?
It's about a brother and a sister, who are separated by World War II
She's far braver then me, and goes to find him.
But I don't know what happens next.

I don't want a 'just might work'.
I want a happily ever after.
However naive that sounds.

Do you know, I've been thinking up some magic for you, but it's still brewing in the pot.
Please forgive my depressing rambles until it comes to a simmer, won't you?


  1. Oh, to return to another era! How perfectly magical that would be. The laced bonnets of the Victorian times, the feathers and rouge of the Twenties, the dashing sailors of the 1960s...it all sounds so amazing. <3 It is possibly my biggest trial, not having been born earlier.

    You're not depressing, dearest, you're inspiring, and there is never any harm in dreaming. :)


  2. I belong in that era also. I belong also in the era when p.g. Wodehouse was still alive and writing his books. I live in those books.

  3. Your blog is lovely and the first photo you put is very legendary, anybody who adores classique photo should remember that...