"Everybody needs inspiration..."

"Everybody needs a song.
A beautiful melody,
For when the nights are long
Because there is no guarantee
That this life is easy."
Miley Cyrus

I have been waking up at four-thirty in the morning for the past two days - completely on my own, completely unbidden, and completely to my bafflement. I am a heavy sleeper - I blame my storyteller dreams - and most of the time must drag myself out of bed long past sunrise. In fact, I probably can count on one hand the amount of sunrises I have seen in my life.
When I've been awaking at four-thirty, I've been awaking from a dream I usually forget immediately but it was one that has disorientated me so that I have to lay there and remember where I am, what is real and what is not. The first morning it happened was after a traumatizing day and I awoke because the surrealness had worn off - I realized that what had happened was a reality.

But while I thought I'd just wander from room to room in despair on that morning for awhile until my thoughts would settle, I instead found myself in wonder of the world. It was so quiet.
It was so very light, yet the remnant of night hung in the air. I had never heard my house so quite. Everything was so peaceful and when I took my Pooh bear from his perch back to bed with me, the birds had begun their morning melody.
I hope I keep doing it, by whatever magic that causes me to wake, for the rest of the summer.
The peace I feel is worth the sleep I lose.

xoxo the storyteller

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