I wish you would write to me.

Tell me all about your dreams, your wishes.

The things you fear and despise the most.

And what you cannot breath without.

It's lonely here in outer space,

with no one to write to.


  1. I cannot breath without magic filling my lungs. I search constantly for inspiration and love to discover the beauties around me. It makes me sad when others try to make me grow up, can't see what I see or feel the world is void of all happy thoughts. I wish I could sprinkle some fairy dust and fill their hearts with joy and purpose. I dream of flying, of writing novels, of bringing happiness to others, of loving. But mostly I dream about truly living. <3

    P.S. I absolutely LOVE your lovely blog! <3

  2. We are all drifting through the same cosmos...

  3. I would like to write to you. Well, email, that is, but perhaps we can be friends. We think much alike and I would love to have someone like-minded to talk to.
    Expect an email within the week, starling. xx