A dream, a whisper.
An idea I put in that notebook under the stairs
and than promptly forgot.
A happy thought that flew me away once
and a sad thought that brought me back.

A hope, a memory,
Time spent far away
and letters that I kept in a wooden box
under the bed, filled with paper stars.
A dream that was a wish my heart made
and kept my soul alive.

Mayhap there is still a chance,
your letter came and it gave me happy dreams.
My pen could barely stay on the paper,
and my smile still won't cease.
You needn't worry - I'll wait.

No matter how many happily ever afters it takes.

xoxo the storyteller


  1. Little and sad and sweet. You have the gift of a poet. X

  2. This is so beautiful. Also for some reason your last post - "late night love songs on the radio" - reminded me of the song 'Wonder' by Jack Savorett. I'm not sure why, but have a listen and let me know what you think - it's a gorgeous song! xx