Once upon a time
there was a little girl who never wanted to grow up.

But Peter flew her home too soon

and grow up was what she had to do.

She learned how to make a living,

how to study,
how to learn,

but it all made her heart heavy

with the burdens of the world.

When the world seemed at its darkest,
a call home shone right through

"Don't worry about it Darling," her momma soothed,
"When you've written a book and made millions

none of it will matter anymore."
Happily Ever After
is still a bit way off
but the path is laid before her
and she knows she's got the stuff.

It's been a weight of the world kind of week, my lovelies, and I am tired. A weekend home by the fire and with all my bears will set me right I'm sure. I've decided that bookshops are the best therapy for whatever it is that I've got, so I'm going to start spending much more time in them.
And school shall focus more, letting the rest fall through the cracks. It's unnecessary waste of space anyway. I hope you all are well.

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Go say hello and tell her I sent you - enter yourself for the lovely ring she's offering,
and look about her lovely shop. It's filled with magic.

hugs and kisses to you, sweet ones


  1. I do hope that book is going well. This post breaks my heart, you know why. xx

  2. I hope the weight is lifted soon. Lovely, sad poem.

  3. I love, love, love Peter Pan [as we both know!!] - and this is just how I feel sometimes, sad and wistful. I hope you have a very restful weight-lifting weekend my lovely - and thank you for your very heartening comment! xx