The world is shrinking around me
but I am expanding.
Like the black hole that swallowed me,
on January 27, 2010.
Everything changed the day J.D. Salinger died,
and he never even knew my name.

As I expand, I intend to swallow,
every obnoxious thing my nana ever said,
every hurtful comment my father ever made,
every lecture my mother ever forced,
and into my black hole it will go,
to be blown into oblivion.

Then, I will forget it all happened,
and learn to love without restraint.
As if I'd never been touched,
never been hurt, never cried at a nasty word.
And never built that fort around my heart,
that not even Arthur's return could conquer.

I am expanding.
Don't let me swallow myself too.


  1. Oh. My. Word. Diana, how powerful this is, I could barely breathe as I read it. I felt as if a black hole was expanding in my chest, swallowing up everything, everything. You are so brave, and I don't believe you will be swallowed up in the maelstrom. Best wishes. xxx

  2. And I fell in love with your writing. Especially the third paragraph of loving without restraint, and just everything about it. Perfect words, perfect description.

    Have a beautiful 2011 ahead, filled with much magic and love. x

  3. There is nothing so traumatic as childhood issues.
    Such beauty in this.