Have been following polar bears north
and building snow forts along the way.
The snow queen and I have tea regularly,
and I capture her world on film daily.
Books are being consumed,
crossword puzzles solved,
and endless games of Zathura being battled.
(Blasting off into space always puts things into perspective.)
A silver pen came in Santa's bag,
and it hasn't been given a rest since Christmas.
Even if all I write is nonsense.
Even if all I do is write to you.

I've redecorated - my life, my brain, this space.
What do you think?

I miss you. Don't think it's strange.
You always knew that I would.



  1. I love your new introduction for the site header - that really is how I think of your blog! Stumbling across the secret diary of a sad, wistful, beautiful mind and heart left abandoned in the woods on a snowy night! And this post is beautiful as usual. xx

  2. I adore the new design! What a lovely, fitting aesthetic. Very nice work.
    - The poem is beautiful. I especially love the line about blasting off into space.

  3. And i knew i was going to reach for this page, and so i never let my inner laziness wind me up on the road somewhere ...

    Beautiful :)

  4. Lovely writing dear, your diary is a dream!

    xx and hugs