There's magic everywhere...

"And with all this romantic atmosphere
DISASTER'S in the air!"
-The Lion King

Hello, my ducklings.
I hope you all are well.
I've been flying by the seat of my magic carpet
and sleeping in fitful dreams.
But I am happy,
and that is enough.

I've been given a project,
a gift from the very heavens,
to occupy my time, and my heart
and to assist in the making of dreams.

Just when I thought all hope was lost.

Only three more months until I quit this place
and while I will be sad to leave,
I won't miss it when I'm gone.
My people, I will, but not the place.
The new adventure is coming.

I found my Paris journal,
and have been scribbling incessantly.
So hopeful, so hopeful.
That the world is working my way.

And Prince Charming can hold off,
a little longer.
I'm not quite ready for him yet.

But you know I'll always be waiting for you.

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  1. I'm glad you're happy, and that you have adventures to look forward to.