The girl who never stopped dreaming...

She wore a long silver chain, antique, that jingled like car keys when she walked. On the chain were symbols of all she held dear.

The first was a cross, which helped her to remember to have faith that she never stood alone.

There was a key to the magic box under the stairs that held every hope and every dream.

The locked heart reminded her to guard her love against evil.

The open heart mad sure she never forgot to keep her love alive.

The rose was a sweet-smelling reminder to take life without hurry.

The dove, so she’d never forget how to fly.

The little bow meant that she’d keep close to those she’d been tied to.

And Paris – the tower from Paris was so she’d always believe that anything is possible.

Anything is possible.

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  1. This is lovely, dearling. My silver chain keeps safe a rusty key, a phoenix feather and a broken compass, and I'll leave you to figure out what they could mean. x