Diary Excerpt #39

It all ended two days ago,
and I'm at a loss as to where to begin again.
I'm happy that it is over,
I've been waiting a long time for college to be over.
But now, I haven't a plan.
I always have a plan.
But I think not having one suits me well.

I have a possibilities book in the works though.

1. Find a job that I enjoy well enough and will earn me a decent living.
2. Work on writing my book a little every day.
(I made a decent dent in it today!)
3. Get a puppy.
4. Plan travel trips to visit friends around the U.S.
5. Save earnings for 'My Grand Paris Adventure!'
6. Learn how to make Chocolate Pecan pie
7. Redecorate my room
8. (Fall in love)

The last is in parenthesis because I barely dare to hope.
I want to be content just living my life in my long skirts and bare feet,
a little puppy trailing behind me,
and a diary full of dreams in my hands.

Yes, that's the life I want.
Here I go to live it.
Wish me luck.


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  1. I LOVE this post, Diana!! I can relate to these dreams and aspirations 100%. You are a very talented writer! Keep it all up, your blog is beautiful and stunning and astounding all at the same time. Thanks for the follow on my blog! <3 Jules