Diary Excerpt #40 - 100th post

This is the one-hundredth time I have written here.
This momentous occasion has come at a pivotal time in my life,
and I've been thinking about all of the lovely people who make it worthwhile.
Especially those of you here, who have stumbled upon my diary and returned more than once.
And left me such hopeful and lovely notes.
Of all of you (whom I adore dearly) one in particular stands out in my mind.
Her name is Caroline Cakewise and she is the princess behind Sparkles and Crumbs.
She is one of the very first blogs I ever found in our little world here, so she's been with me since the beginning. A few excerpts ago, I wrote about wanting to be asked questions like the one I had found on tumblr. She wrote to me saying this.

"Love it. Here are some suitable questions, I hope: would you rather have a picnic in a bluebell wood or by the sea? What would your wings be made out of? Do you dream in colour? Would you be a Lost Girl, an Indian or a Pirate in Never-Never-Land? :)"

So for my one-hundredth post, I will answer her question.

Dear Caroline,
I would rather have a picnic by the sea, because I've only ever been to the sea twice in my life and I've been longing to return. I also have a message in a bottle I've been planning to send. If I had wings, they would be purple and made out of silk and wishes. I always dream in color, though sometimes I dream in black and white and color. I call them my 'technicolor dreams.' And if ever I could return to Neverland, I would be a Lost Girl, second-in-command only to Peter, and the storyteller for all occasions.
Thank you for being my friend through one-hundred posts.
And a very Happy Birthday to you!

And love to you, my darlings - for without you, The Storyteller would have no magic at all.
Cheers to the next 100 posts!


  1. I found you through comments on caroline's blog and am glad I did for your pretty words, and on your 100th post too! xx

  2. Happy 100th post, dear Diana. The questions are lovely, and your answers are wonderful. "Storyteller for all occasions" - what a marvellous, inspiring idea. Cheers to you. x

  3. Congrats on 100 posts what a milestone! I hope you see the ocean again soon.

  4. Happy 100th post, dear! You are so darling. x

  5. Oh how divine - I knew I could count on you for some magical answers! My wings would definitely be pruple, too - and congratulations on your 100th post of whimsy and longing. I hope there are at the very least 100 more to come from your poetic pens!!
    You'll be excited to hear The Boy took me on a surprise trip to the seaside for a picnic as a belated birthday present!! It was perfect :) xx