Diary Excerpt #41 - Things I will never do

I will never eat asparagus.

I will never pick something pink when it could be purple.

I will never prefer sleep to dreaming.
(even if the dreams keep me up all night)

I will never enjoy late night television.

I will never prefer spending time with others over my brothers.

I will never enjoy a city for more than a visit.
(Living in one is out of the question - unless it's Paris)

I will never be unafraid of deep water.

I will never prefer the beach to the woods.

I will never not be disappointed when the lovers aren't together at the end of a book.
(Regardless of the poetics of the story)

I will never stop believing in fairies, mermaids and the power of imagination.

But most of all, the thing I will never, ever do,

I will never stop waiting for you.


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  1. Heartbreaking, dear, bit oh so very beautiful. you are fast becoming a favourite of mine, simply due to the honesty and emotion with which you write, dear. oh i do love your words, so very much.