Diary Excerpt #46 - I want to be...

That girl who leaves you breathless.

The one who is always flawful, rather than flawless.

The person who makes your heart beat faster,

and maybe even makes you sweat a bit.

The girl whose hair beats your face in the wind,

and has the smell that makes you want to snuggle in.

The one who makes you happy one minute,

and crazy the next.

The person who knows everything about you,

while knowing nothing at all.

The girl whose eyes are always full of enduring love,

especially when she's looking at you.

The one who has the wild schemes, the crazy adventures,

but chose your arms instead.

I want to be everything and anything,

you could ever, possibly, need.



  1. Sweet. a model of true, honest love :)

  2. Beautiful. I think this is what every guy is looking for :)