Diary Exerpt #47 - Pretty...

... is not a word I would ever apply to myself.
Beautiful? Out of the question.
Sexy? Ha, you're funny.
Attractive? Stop it, you're teasing me now.

Beauty is something I think about,
and something I hope to find.
But when I find it in sunsets,
and trees,
I realize - there is no hope.
I will never be as lovely as any of these.

I'll never believe you if you call me pretty,
but sometimes, I wish you would lie to me anyway.

I've been writing rambles all day.
Nothing makes sense,
but carrying around a baby,
walking my puppy,
in cutoffs and barefeet,
waving at my Daddy driving his tractor home.
I wonder...

Is life at all as complicated as they tried to make me believe?

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