Diary Excerpt #50

Have been thinking about fading away.
Being swallowed completely in the backdrop,
like putting on an Invisibility cloak,
and watching life go by without me.
Wondering, if I did,
would anyone notice
that I was gone?

The clouds became dark again,
to make up for being sunny for so long,
when all the world was sad.
A pony is just a pony,
to everyone,
but the little girl who grew up with her,
and had to bury her the other day.

Nobody wants to talk.
Death silences everything.

My pen is heavy,
and my heart is on the ground.
Once, a book told me that I had to be strong,
and pick it up every day.
But I haven't any reason to.

No one to talk to,
No one to sing for,
No one to write to.
My mailbox is always empty,
my throat is always dry,
and there is too much sense to be talked about.
When all I think about is nonsense.

Nobody ever understood my nonsense.
Not even you.


  1. I just want to give you a big hug right now. So beautiful, I feel for you. Try and keep your chin up, you have many people following your every word :) x

  2. Darling, your heart is so beautiful I doubt anyone could never notice it when you're gone. I may not know you and you may not know me, and I may not know your pain, but this is me trying to tell you to please stay strong.

    You write so beautifully and I think your little words are enough to make the whole world listen. *big hug