Diary Excerpt #51

It's a new day.
The sun is shining brightly,
and I like it.
There's laughter in the kitchen,
and I want to join in.
There's love everywhere,
and I'm going to get my share.

I might burn all your letters,
discard all your pictures,
rip out all the diary pages I wasted on you,
and throw away every stupid memento I keep in that tin box upstairs.

At the very least, they are going into a box and out to the barn.

Because I have been released.
You were never real,
I never missed a thing.
Because you were a lie,
a facade to entertain me.

Deep down, I knew this,
but I needed you to tell me.
Thank you for finally telling me.
We'll just forget the years it took you to,
the years I wasted waiting.
I'm letting all that go.

I should be crying in a corner,
devastated by what you did to me.
Because it is unforgivable.
but instead, I'm dancing in the streets.
You are finally, completely, totally, gone....

and I'm free.

1 comment:

  1. Wow. You are amazingly positive despite everything that has happened which is brilliant. It's testament to your character. Just remember, at times it will be easy, and other times it will be horrible, just keep your chin up and thrive because, believe me, that will drive him absolutely mad.

    Onwards and upwards my Dear x