Diary Excerpt #58

Do I dream too loudly for you?
Is that what all the trouble is?
Is that why I'm too much for you?
For him,
For her,
for... them?

Who even cares about them?
'They' are who everyone refers to,
yet whom no one ever knows.

Let's dance under the stars in the cold October night,
let's watch the leaves fall in the early morning light.
Let's watch old movies and write by candlelight.
Let's keep dreaming, my dove, so loud that the world is silent,
and finally listens.

We are the ones that will change it for the better,
not them.

Dreaming is all I have these days,
and I won't be giving it up.

And someday, I will do something grand,
all because of my dreams.


  1. Oh, Diana! This is breath-takingly beautiful, and so, so uplifting! You couldn't have shared this lovely poem at a better time, for I am currently in a strange period in my life where dreams are more important than reality. So much is hinging on my dreams. Must remember never to give up on them. Thank you for being so wonderful, love. (Ps, I hope your novel is flourishing.) x

  2. And keep dreaming, dearest. That stanza about October and dancing and candlelight is perfectly haunting and magic and everything I want this month to be. Lots of love, ♥

  3. You have an extremely beautiful soul, Diana. I just love this whole thing. The last line captures the way I often feel.
    The future belongs to the dreamers! Or at least, the happy future does. :)

  4. dreaming is my second love, my first love is writing (: