Don't burn your heart out, love, till we're ash over seas...

I'm looking for magic everywhere,
but only finding snip its.

A sunset here, a smiling face there.
A line in a book that struck a cord there.

Magic is so very hard to find these days,
but it isn't gone, not completely.

The fairies are still building their houses in the woods,
the water nymphs still sing their songs.
I hear and see them all.

But their sad faces weigh my heart.
"Don't forget, Diana,"
they whisper,
"No matter what anyone says,
We're still here."

Things I thought I would never forget,
I have a hard time remembering,
and Neverland seems further than it ever has.

I don't want to grow up, Uncle Jim.
Please don't let them make me.

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  1. Oh heavens, this resonates so deeply with me! I can't seem to find magic in greater quantity than a teaspoonful anymore. It's better than nothing, of course, but I miss the way things used to be too.